Scorzamara – Agrumi di Sicilia

It’s nature that asks for it

Be prepared to get taste and well-being: Scorzamara delivers all the fragrance and freshness of oranges and mandarins of Sicily to your doorstep.

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Tarocco, Moro, Navelina o Mandarino? Get a full load of 100% natural vitamins and find out how easy it is to adopt a healthier lifestyle thanks to the consumption of our citrus fruits.

Fast shipping
Fast shipping

In order to always offer and guarantee you fresh fruit, our shipments are fast and will get to your home in just 48 hours, so as to avoid refrigeration and treatments of any kind , because if the orange is fresh it is like that in the most natural way.

Short chain
Short chain

We pick and select our citrus fruits straight from our Melilli farm, in order to always offer you fresh products.

Organic products
Organic products

Both our PGI blood oranges and our mandarins are certified and fertilized with organic nitrogen and Organic Farming authorized plant protection products.

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