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We could have chosen to set up a citrus e-commerce business like many others. After all, Sicily is rich in orange groves. However, we wanted to tell people our own story, our own idea of ​​commerce, our own ethics, which demands we place quality above quantity.

Sicily has always been an island with a high citrus fruit vocation, a land blessed by the presence of the volcano that shapes the DNA of things. Thanks to the particular mineral substances released by the soil – anthocyanins – our red oranges take on that distinctively bright and unmistakable colour that makes them unique in the world.

In order to preserve the authentic taste and the goodness of the fruits of our grandparents and of our grandparents’ grandparents, we have chosen to cultivate truly organic citrus fruits, treated with fertilizers authorized by organic farming. For this reason, Scorzamara blood oranges are all different from one another: aesthetically imperfect and yet extremely fragrant and good.

Just as we used to do when, once harvested, the oranges were brought to the market to be sold and purchased, we now display our red oranges in our online market so that all Italians can have the pleasure of enjoying fresh, zero miles, oranges.

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