Tasty and fragrant citrus fruits produced from organic farming, respecting the natural life cycle of plants.

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    All Scorzamara oranges come from organic farming, certified and IGP.

    IGP because our oranges can boast this quality certification as they are produced within the PGI blood orange district of Sicily.

    Each plant is fertilized with slow-release organic nitrogen to improve the quality of the fruits and increase the production of vitamin C, while the peculiar thermal excursions, which the proximity of our land to the volcano Etna causes, give the citrus fruits a particularly red pigmentation of the pulp. , the so-called anthocyanins.

    The product is collected and shipped within 24 hours, as opposed to large-scale distribution processes. We do not use cold storages, delivering oranges that produce more juice (10% to 50% more than chilled oranges).

    We do not use fungicides, therefore the peel is absolutely healthy, natural and not contaminated, usable in the kitchen or for other applications.

    All our products are not treated with packaging chemicals such as wax or anti-rot.


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